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Time To Use Those Filming Skills

Submit a video to us explaining why you use medical cannabis, how the rule/law changes have impacted you and your access to cannabis, or your ability to give away cannabis to patients. Please share this with your friends that have been impacted by these changes. Policy makers need to hear these stories.

You can obviously talk about whatever is on your mind but here are some topics to help you get started. Fee’s, rule changes, access to cannabis, why you can’t find a grower, why you dropped/kept your patients, why you use cannabis and how it helps you, and really what ever you what to share. We want to hear about it.

Submitting Content

To submit your video* you can record via Facebook Live and share it to our Compassionate Oregon Facebook page. Make sure the video’s privacy settings are set to public. You can also email them to info@compassionateoregon.org. For larger files, please use WeTransfer. It’s free.

*Please note that by submitting your content, you are giving Compassionate Oregon permission to reproduce the work on its website, print communications and social media channels.

Thank you for sharing your stories and taking the time to provide content for Compassionate Oregon.

Small Guide on Video Creation

Here’s how to make the most out of your smartphone or camera to capture video footage:

  • Preparation is key. Before the shoot, make sure you have your props and shoot location picked.
  • Decide on the message you want to deliver in your video: what do you want the audience to think?
  • Shoot a five-second test before you begin shooting to check things like lighting, audio and framing. Good to go?
  • The gold-standard when filing: ensure you flip your phone and film in landscape mode (sideways) to avoid those dreaded black bars which appear either side of the image.
  • Good lighting is essential so try and shoot in brightly-lit areas like daylight or a well-lit room. Avoid back-lighting a subject, instead positioning them so that the camera is closer to the light but not facing the light too much, capturing it shining on the subject.
  • Jumpy video footage is not ideal, to try to keep your phone steady while recording. Hold it with both hands close to your body, with elbows resting on your hips but remember not to cover the camera with your finger. If that is tiring, set up a tripod to capture longer sequences.
  • Audio is so, so important! Unfortunately, built-in microphones on your camera aren’t the best so try and shoot in a quiet location and avoid echo-y rooms. Try to stay as close to the audio source as possible to make sure it/they can be heard over the background noise and avoid covering the microphone spot. Alternatively you can buy external microphones for your phone for pretty cheap.

Consider making a donation or becoming a member to help us continue the fight for patients. Thanks again.

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