Welcome to Compassionate Oregon’s Membership Program

Notice: Compassionate Oregon is a 501c(4) state non-profit organization.

Contributions are not tax-deductible.

Compassionate Oregon is now taking contributions for membership packages.

These memberships offer those wishing to be more involved a variety of ways of helping fund those activities through our general or sustaining memberships.

Unlike 501c(3) non-profits, Compassionate Oregon’s designation allows for us to spend a majority of our efforts working with state legislatures to educate and affect reform in the cannabis laws.

This work requires ongoing contact and conversations with legislators and members of Congress and your contributions are what enables us to continue this important work!

Please look over our membership packages send in your contributions now!

Your contributions will help us make this a reality.

You Make it Happen!

Level 1*

$4.20/monthly OR $40/yearly
All members at this level will receive our newsletter, a Compassionate Oregon button and free admission to the annual board meeting.

Level 2*

$25/monthly OR $250/yearly
Everything above plus a LEGALIZATION TOUR shirt, and references for services offered by participating members. These memberships will also be highlighted once a year in our newsletter. Discount admission to general and business meeting.

Level 3*

$50/monthly OR $500/yearly
All-of-the-above plus discounts at participating members, Compassionate Oregon window sticker and membership ID card.  Discount admission to all meetings and access to board members and meetings. Also included will be legislative updates and access to the members only page.

Business Level*

$100/monthly OR $1000/yearly
All-of-the-above plus, participation in Lobby Day at the state capitol. Business will also be eligible for company banners and logos on website and at all events.

Compassion Council – $2500/year

All of the above, plus complete access to board members and meetings including financial and other organization reports. Council level members will serve as advisors to the board and also be eligible for board membership. Please contact us directly to discuss payment options.

*Memberships must be sustained for at least 3 months or year plan purchased to get advertising benefits.

Compassionate Oregon is a 501c(4) non-profit organization. Contributions are not tax-deductible.