Compassionate Oregon – 2019 Legislative Agenda

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Compassionate Oregon will continue to oppose OMMP growers being forced into becoming OLCC producers or forced out of growing for patients altogether. We will continue to fight for greater access to markets and enhancing protection for our Multiple Patient Growers (MPG’s). We will continue to propose OMMP growers be backed out of METRC and put back into OMMOS for data collection based on patient outcome and not tracking to prevent diversion.

SUPPORTING and working:

House Bills: 2722, 2723, 2687, 3040

Senate Bills: 382, 387, 974

Supporting but not working:

Senate Bills 639/HB 2233, – social consumption

379/HB 2655, – workplace drug testing

582, – interstate compact 365, – local assessment fees not charged

599, – Patients bill


SB 218, – moratorium HB 2382, – local county taxes


SB 585

Our bills:

HB 2687 – Organ transplant bill. See feature story for details.

House Health Care, Public Hearing – 1.27

HB 2722 – Expands list of those that can sign an APS to Naturopaths, Physicians Assistants and Certified Nurse Practitioner. It will also allow physicians to recommend cannabis for conditions that are not on the list and expands statute relating to who can administer medications to cannabis patients in licensed health care facilities to those whose job description allows for administering to cannabis patient residents.

House Health Care Committee: This bill has not been scheduled for a hearing yet.

HB 2723 – Allows delivery to patients subsidized by state; retail sales revenue. Introduced by House Economic Development: – Public Hearing 3.11

HB 3040 – Exempts OMMP and adult-use plants from outdoor growing prohibitions. Introduced by Rep. Helm it just had its first reading and has not been assigned to a committee yet. It will allow OMMP and adult-use folks to grow outside despite local ordinances against it.

House Economic Development: To date no hearing has been scheduled.

Two Legislative Counsel Drafts, Allowing OMMP growers to transfer to any valid patient., and exempts OMMP growers from METRC user fees and subsidizes scale purchases.

SB 382 – Removes 20# limit. This bill had its first hearing on Thursday and could get some support if there is a 50 or 100 lb. limits. I testified to this bill but others from our licensees opposed.

House Business and General Government: Public Hearing 2.28

SB 387 – This bill came out of the interim committee on Judiciary and had its first hearing before Senate Health Care on 2.27

Senate Health Care: Public: Hearing 2.27, awaiting amendment



Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is a long time activist in the marijuana reform movement. He was responsible for changes to the initiative process and has been a persistent voice in Salem for marijuana reform. His recent efforts led to the addition of PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana as well as sentencing reform including the creation of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and hashish, a long overdue change in Oregon statute.


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