Legislative Session Ends but the Work Has Just Begun!


We Need Your Help. 

As a Patient Advocacy Group we need to continue our interim work with the Legislature, monitor Rules Advisory Committees,(there are 4 agencies currently drafting rules) and keeping our members informed and active.

We had another positive session and while we didn’t get everything we wanted we successfully added:

  • A “degenerative or pervasive neurological condition,” to the list of OMMP qualifying conditions 
  • Ensured transplant patients won’t be disqualified if they use cannabis and,
  • Extended the ability for home health care and hospice workers to safely administer cannabis in the homes of OMMP patients.
But we have a long way to go and that takes money!

You can go by some of the dispensaries and drop ten or twenty bucks in our local contribution boxes or,

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It’s just that easy! 


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