Marijuana Now Legal for All Oregonians

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Oregon’s Ballot Measure 91 legalizing personal use of marijuana by adult Oregonians takes effect today.

July 1st, the “freedom” day set forth in Measure 91, is finally here!  Many thanks to all those that worked on the campaign and for those that have laid the groundwork for this day over the last four decades.

Huge thanks also to those that have fought so hard this legislative session to keep as much of the Measure in place as possible.  It was not easy.

Although not an easy job there are many new changes on the horizon put in place by the Legislature.  Some good like the new possession limits, no more 12″ rule and no limits on the number of immature plants a grower may produce.  Some not so good like having to report what you are producing and the ability of the OHA/OLCC to inspect any and all gardens.

There are changes made to Measure 91 for the commercial side of the industry also. There will be canopy limits, environmental requirements and higher fees for the licenses.

Not a lot was done for patients but we did add degenerative neurological disease (ALS, Autism) to the list of qualifying conditions, got hospice organizations cleared as caregivers and added language that prohibits transplant hospitals from refusing to place cannabis patients on waiting lists.

There are still rules to be written about how we do all this and the OLCC, the OHA, and the Dept. of Ag. will all be very busy over the next six months.  Those of us within the community that are and will be on these rules committees will have their work cut out for them.  Unlike so many decades before, we know have a seat at the tables.

All in all it is a new day in Oregon Cannabis law reform and many cannabis users will now be free from the threat of arrest for simple possession and cultivation.

The work must continue so we are asking everyone to go to our donation page and make a contribution to Compassionate Oregon.  It is easy and takes just a couple of minutes.  Your money will go to printing costs for literature, travel expenses to spread the word and if we raise enough we can have a dinner or two for all the hard working folks helping fight for patients rights.

Anthony Taylor

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Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is a long time activist in the marijuana reform movement. He was responsible for changes to the initiative process and has been a persistent voice in Salem for marijuana reform. His recent efforts led to the addition of PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana as well as sentencing reform including the creation of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and hashish, a long overdue change in Oregon statute.


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