Jon Oliver on Militarization of Our Police

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Compassionate Oregon opposes the militarization of our local law enforcement agencies and the dramatic increase in the use and now primary purpose of SWAT teams to execute search warrants for drugs. In the report linked below it is cited that the use SWAT teams for this purpose has increased 1400%.

The program at the Department of Defense used to filter used military equipment including armored vehicles, heavy artillery such as grenade launchers and armor piercing weaponry and other equipment in an attempt to protect local communities from the terrorist threat, has perverted the mission of most local law enforcement departments and put them in the untenable position of viewing and reacting to local disruptions in their communities as “us versus them” and in many instances treating the population as if it were the enemy.

In John Oliver’s coverage of the debacle in Ferguson Missouri is spot on and we encourage everyone to click on the link below for his commentary.

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Anthony Taylor is a long time activist in the marijuana reform movement. He was responsible for changes to the initiative process and has been a persistent voice in Salem for marijuana reform. His recent efforts led to the addition of PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana as well as sentencing reform including the creation of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and hashish, a long overdue change in Oregon statute.


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