Cannabis as Stigmatized Medicine

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In a article published in the February 2013, Harm Reduction Journal  entitled, “Perceptions of cannabis as a stigmatized medicine: a qualitative descriptive study” authors Joan L Bottorff, Laura JL Bissell, Lynda G Balneaves, John L Oliffe, N Rielle Capler and Jane Buxton, state,

“Experiences of stigma among those with illness and the role stigma plays in seeking treatment are not new in the literature. However, in this literature it is not necessarily the treatment that is stigmatized, but the illness for which the treatment is used. CTP (Cannabis for Therapeutic Purposes) stands as one of the few treatments where users are directly stigmatized for their use of it regardless of their particular illness.” (Italics added for emphasis).

They concluded further that,

“The findings of this study shed light on how individuals using CTP experience stigma, and the effect on their physical and emotional wellbeing as well as the impact on healthcare interactions.”


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Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is a long time activist in the marijuana reform movement. He was responsible for changes to the initiative process and has been a persistent voice in Salem for marijuana reform. His recent efforts led to the addition of PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana as well as sentencing reform including the creation of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and hashish, a long overdue change in Oregon statute.


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